Sunday, May 20, 2012

Spring Vally Nature Center & Heritage Farm

     We have our own little treasure just a few blocks from our house.  The Schaumburg Park District has a beautiful Nature Center where we have taken many nature walks.  Today we came across these baby Robins.  (Notice how great my photo turned out, thanks to the Groupon photography class I took just yesterday...Thanks Mom and Dad for the clever Christmas gift!)  If you look closely you can see the proud Mama higher up in the tree.  Attached to our Nature Center is the Heritage Farm.  We spend hours upon hours there as Sydney loves to visit with all of her animal friends.  In the summer she takes Farmers Boot Camp where she gets to feed and clean up after the animals, milk the cows, collect the chicken eggs, and brush the horses.  Considering she is such a girly girl, I was shocked to see how much she enjoys farm chores!  Last night, she, Mark and I participated in a Sundown Supper on the Farm.  We got to do all of the farm chores, and then cooked and ate a traditional pioneer dinner, of ham, potatoes, bread, and cookies.  We fed all of our left overs to the pigs.  At first they wouldn't touch "Uncle Joe" but then decided to polish him off!  Thanks Farmer Dick and Miss Monique for such a fun and memorable evening! 

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